Sweet Memories is a real 'Good Old Fashioned' traditional sweet shop situated in Church Street, Louth - the capital of the lincolnshire wolds. We are just a short walk from the town centre along Eastgate, turn right into Church Street towards the Bus Station and you will find us. We like to pride ourselves on our good old fashioned, friendly customer service.

        We stock over 235  jars of your favourite nostalgic sweets from yesteryear, take a journey down confectionery lane and bring alive all those memories of your childhood, the ones where you dashed out of school and straight to the local sweet shop.

         The quality of our sweets stems from the fact that we only use the top manufacturers, the ones that have been around for years like - Lion, Taverners, Royale, Joseph Dobson, Walkers, Jakemans, Barnetts, Jamesons, Maxons, Stockley's, we also have top quality liquorice, including english, dutch and italian. Our Salt liquorice is really popular. We also stock Liquorice Root Sticks (Wood).

              Amongst the vast selection of our sweets, we stock - Mints, Toffees, Liquorice, Ginger, Aniseed, Sours, Sherbets/Kali, Jellies, Lollipops, Fudge, Retro sweets, Sugar Free sweets, Dairy Free Chocolate, Belgian chocolate bars and much much more. 


All of our loose weigh-out sweets are the same price ONLY 90p per 100gms

So why pay more when you don't have to, we also have the best selection of weigh-out & retro sweets in the town. So come and see what we have to offer.

    We have Retro boxes packed full of memories priced at just £5 and Liquorice boxes priced at £7, full to the brim with all things liquorice. 

                     Sweet box details can be found on the 'How to order' page.










 Contact us/or to order - email us at

sweetmemorieslouth@aol.co.uk  - or -

          Sweet Memories          

  Traditional Sweet Shop  


Shop opening times -

Mon - Sat 10.00 til 4.45

Closed on Sundays apart from special event days in Louth.


Memories? We stock them here

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